101 Ointment - Multipurpose Superbalm 101羊脂滋潤軟膏﹣多用途超級全效軟膏

101 Ointment - Multipurpose Superbalm 101羊脂滋潤軟膏﹣多用途超級全效軟膏

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***** Received Over 50 Global Beauty Awards *****

Product Detail: This is a multi-awards winning and a multi-purpose hydrating ointment designed to simplify your beauty regime and your life. 100% natural, this innovative formula is made from Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin, so pure that it can be used on the mouths of newborn babies.

  • Keep your lips lush and soft - it holds 200% of its weight in water!
  • Keep your cuticles hydrated and soft
  • Assist in wound healing
  • Keep your skin hydrated and lock in nourishment where it is needed
  • Look after nursing nipples

Size: 15g
Concern: Dryness and Hydration
Skin Types: Chapped lips, extremely dry skin patches and cuticles, small cuts and bites.
Benefits: Moisturising, softening, protecting from dryness.

*No Parabens, Petrolatum, Artificial Fragrances, Mineral Oil or Sulphates* -------- *Made in Australia with Love*

Ingredients: Nothing else but lanolin, lanolin oil.

***** 榮獲超過50多個世界美容獎項 *****

產品資料獲多項獎項的多用途超級全效軟膏,使用此全效軟膏能簡化你的美容程序從而簡化你的生活。 100%全天然,這種創新配方是由純正醫療級別的羊脂製成,非常純正,初新嬰兒的嘴唇也能使用!

  • 保持嘴唇豐滿、柔軟 - 保持200%水分!
  • 保持指甲周邊的表皮滋潤和柔軟、減少倒剌出現
  • 協助傷口癒合
  • 保持肌膚水分,鎖定營養在需要的肌膚底層
  • 保護媽媽餵哺母乳的敏感位置 




*本產品並無對羥基苯甲酸酯,礦脂,人工香料,礦物油或硫酸鹽* -------- *澳洲制造*