Vegan Friendly Soap - Aloe Vera and Cucumber 純素梘 -  蘆薈青瓜

Vegan Friendly Soap - Aloe Vera and Cucumber 純素梘 - 蘆薈青瓜

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Product Detail: Aloe Vera is often referred to as the miracle plant and for good reason! It is a powerful healer and beneficial for skin. Cucumber is a great soother. This makes a great daily face soap too. Only made seasonally in summer. 100 % natural.

Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for sensitive skin.

    Brand information: Scrumpy Soap Co caring for you and your environment by only providing products that are of great quality but do not cost the earth. They lovingly make all their soaps by hand, using old fashioned soap making methods.  They use only natural ingredients including local Olive oil, Australian Organic Hemp seed oil, home grown spray free herbs, natural Australian clays, only 100% natural Essential oils and fresh rain water.

    Scrumpy Soap Co is a natural product with no artificial additives or preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances, hardeners or lathers.

    Their soaps are completely Palm oil free. They make this choice for environmental and ethical reasons. But what this means is every single one of their soaps are not only great for your skin, but the environment as well.

    • No Parabens, Sulphates and Palm Oil
    • Sustainable, locally handmade and organic
    • Biodegradable, recycled and reduced impact on our earth
    • 100% Chemical free and natural
    • Animal cruelty free and vegan friendly
    • Made in Australia with Love  

    Size: 110~140g 

    Ingredients: Saponified olive, coconut and castor oils, home grown cucumber and Aloe Vera gel


    產品資料: 蘆薈經常被稱為奇蹟植物!蘆薈是一個高質素的天然植物,能治療及有益肌膚。青瓜是一㮔有說服力的舒緩肌膚成份。此純素梘亦可成為日常潔面梘﹐於夏季季節性生產。 100%純天然。



    品牌資料﹕Scrumpy Soap Co 提供純正品質,能照顧你和你的環境,完全不會對地球做成傷害Scrumpy Soap 精心手工製作的純素梘由古方製作方法而成。僅使用天然成分包括本地橄欖油、澳洲有機大麻籽油,沒有噴農藥的香草,澳洲天然粘土,只有100%純天然香薰油和新鮮雨水。


    此外,純素梘完全不使用棕櫚油。我們為了環境和倫理方面的原因才做這樣的選擇。所以,Scrumpy Soap Co 的純素梘不僅認真對待每一位客人的需要,亦認真對待地球、免受傷害

    • 無對羥基苯甲酸酯,硫酸鹽和棕櫚油
    • 使用可持續發展原料,澳洲本地手工制造,天然有機成份
    • 產品可生物分解,可回收,減少對生態環境影響
    • 100%純天然
    • 無動物測試,全素概念
    • 澳洲制造

    產品尺寸/重量: 110~140

    產品成份: 皂化橄欖,椰子,蓖麻油,本土生長青瓜及蘆薈凝膠,天然過濾雨水。

    Vegan Friendly Soap - Aloe Vera and Cucumber 純素梘 -  蘆薈青瓜