《Limited Edition - Give Back to Nature》GreenCo Beeswax Wraps 《回歸自然 - 限量版》綠然蜂蠟保鮮布

《Limited Edition - Give Back to Nature》GreenCo Beeswax Wraps 《回歸自然 - 限量版》綠然蜂蠟保鮮布

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100% profit* from this limited edition series will be donated to non-profitable organisations. Thank you!


Product Detail: It is sad to see wastage, everyday, there are millions of plastic products being throwaway that causing unretrievable damages to our environment. We want to make a difference! A small little difference can have a ripple effect that impacts the people around you. By replacing plastic food bags, containers and cling wraps, this environmental friendly food wrap made by beautiful 100% cotton fabric and 100% natural beeswax that keeps your food away from bacterial and seal the freshness longer at the same time, in turn it helps reducing food wastage. Who says green living is boring? Let's join us to change the way we live daily.

What make our wraps so special? because...

  • We use high quality Australian beeswax, jojoba oil and certified organic lemon essential oil, they are naturally anti-bacterial
  • Reusable and formulated with tree resin making it more durable
  • 100% bio-degradable and sustainable
  • Non-toxic products keep you and your loved one safe from harmful substances
  • Hand-crafted in Australia, a country full of unpolluted natural resources

Medium (24-25cm) - Great for leftovers, medium bowls, cut fruits
Large (30-32cm) - Perfect for large bowls, vegetable, bread, sandwich

How to use: Wash before first use. Give it a light wipe with a damp cloth after each use, or can be washed with cold soapy water and air dried. Each wrap can last from months up to a year depending on use and care.

Method #1: As a cover
Put wrap over a bowl / cup, use the warmth and pressure of your hands and fingers to press the wrap around the rim of a bowl / cup.
Method #2: Food wrap
Place fruit or sandwich in the middle of wrap, fold or mould wrap by using the warmth and pressure of your hands and fingers, hold for a moment to let wrap set in place.
Method #3: A food pouch (envelope)
Mould wrap into a shape of a pouch (envelope) and place food inside.
There are also many other ways to enjoy your reusable wraps. Keep playing and have fun!

Tips: Keep away from heat sources, includes warm water and warm food, beeswax has a very low melting point. Do not wrap raw meat or raw fish.

Ingredients: Australian beeswax, Pine tree resin, Jojoba oil, Certified organic lemon essential oil

* After cost deduction



產品資料: 每天都有數以百萬計的塑膠製品被丟棄,對我們環境造成不可挽回的損害。 我們想要改變! 一個小小的決定能夠影響周圍的人。 以綠然蜂蠟保鮮布代替塑膠製的食品袋,食品容器和保鮮紙吧!這種環保食品包裝由非常漂亮的100%棉織物(cotton)及100%天然蜂蠟(Beeswax)製成,可以使食物遠離細菌,同時密封食品令食材保持新鮮,而且有助於減少食物水份及營養流失。 誰說綠色生活是沉悶的? 讓我們一起來改變每天的生活方式。


  • 我們使用高品質的澳洲蜂蠟,荷荷芭油和有機認證的檸檬香薰油,它們全是天然抗菌的幫手
  • 天然樹脂,使綠然蜂蠟保鮮布更加耐用
  • 100%生物分解及可持續性產品
  • 無毒無化學成分,保障您和您的家人健康,遠離有害物質
  • 全手工製作﹐澳洲出產,一個充滿自然資源的國家


    中碼(24-25厘米) - 適合小蔬菜、中碗、生果

    大碼(30-32厘米) - 適合大湯碗、蔬菜、麵包、三文治

    使用方法:首次使用前請用食水洗淨。 每次使用後,用濕布輕輕擦拭,或用肥皂水輕輕沖洗洗淨及涼乾。 清洗時謹記水溫不得高於攝氏30度。根據以上使用後之護理,每個保鮮布可以使用持續數月至一年。





    蜂蠟保鮮布。 用得開心又放心!

    小提示:遠離熱源(攝氏30度或以上)包括溫水及溫暖食物,蜂蠟具有非常低的熔點。 請不要包裹生肉或生魚。