MAMA BUTTER - UV Care Cream SPF25/PA++ 45g 乳木果防曬霜SPF25/PA++ 45克

MAMA BUTTER - UV Care Cream SPF25/PA++ 45g 乳木果防曬霜SPF25/PA++ 45克

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Product Detail:  This non scented natural suncream combining 5% natural shea butter, it does not contain silicon and UV absorber substances that even sensitive skin type and young children can use. The unique formula with high quality shea butter that keeps your skin moist and healthy as well as protects you from the harmful UV ray in this summer. The light and non greasy texture makes it very easy to apply on your skin, you can also use it before applying makeup.

Unlike other synthetic sun care products that may require makeup remover to clean. This suncream is made of natural ingredients that can be washed away with soap.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially for kids and sensitive skin. 

  • Non silicone and Non UV absorber 
  • Contains TITANIUM DIOXIDE that reflects UV ray
  • No Parabens, Sulphates and Mineral Oil
  • No Artificial and Synthetic Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Made in Japan

    Brand information: 

    In Africa, just below the equator in the savanna, the shea tree grows naturally. A tree grows to maturity in 20 years, and after 20 more the shea nuts can be harvested and used in shea butter. They have been cherished and used artfully for generations. Only females are permitted to touch the shea, which means everything from harvest to extraction is done by a woman’s hand. In the arid lands of Africa, it is said that it is the shea butter that keeps skin so healthy.

    There is a wealth of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and K in shea butter, which keep skin moisturized and cells protected. Also, shea butter contains stearic acid, which is an element already in your skin, giving this product a better compatibility with your body. In addition, there is a plethora of oleic acids, palmitic acids, and linoleic acids to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in a natural way. 

    In 2011 the brand underwent a renewal, using higher quality shea butter to create the concept of “A skin care item that keeps all skin types moist and healthy” that brings a range of affordable, sustainable and high quality natural skincare beauty products that suitable to all skin types and ages.

      Size: 45ml

      Ingredients: Water, DPG, titanium oxide, Triglyceryl (caprylic / capric acid), ethyl isostearate, shea butter, PG dicaprate, glycerin, sorbitan stearate, pentylene glycol, PEG-20 isostearate, AI hydroxide Starch phosphate, zinc oxide, stearoyl glutamic acid 2Na, behenyl alcohol, octenyl succinate starch AI, (acryloyl dimethyl taurine ammonium / VP) copolymer, t-butanol, steareth-2, coconut fatty acid sucrose, isostearyl glyceryl, tocopherol, Ca hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol


      產品資料:  此無香料天然乳木果油護膚及抗紫外線功能、及含天然滋潤成分乳木果油5% / SPF25 PA++的抗紫外線防曬霜。不含矽及紫外線吸收劑、刺激性低,敏感肌膚也可使用。不含任何化學防曬製成的SPF25/PA++防曬指數足以抵抗日常生活中的紫外線。不含矽,使用時更容易抹開且輕薄透氣。不易脫妝,可用於臉部、身體,還可用於化妝打底。呵護配方,用肥皂即可洗淨。

      很多抗紫外線產品都需要用專用卸妝油清洗,但MAMA BUTTER防曬霜採用呵護配方,清洗時無需使用卸妝油,僅用肥皂即可洗淨。


      • 不含矽、紫外線吸收劑
      • 防曬成分TITANIUM DIOXIDE,可將紫外線反射非吸收
      • 無對羥基苯甲酸酯及礦物油
      • 無人工和化學合成成分
      • 100%純天然
      • 日本制造



        從乳木果樹果實中提取的乳木果油擁有驚人的潤膚功效。嬰兒和媽媽都能使用=敏感型肌膚也能安心使用。天然往往給人一種高高在上,想用卻用不起的印象,但MAMA BUTTER抱著“製造讓每個家庭都能擁有、能持續使用且不造成經濟負擔的天然化妝品”這一理念,創造了MAMA BUTTER。

        一、保濕護膚﹕對於膚質敏感的嬰兒和因懷孕後身心變化導致肌膚敏感的準媽媽,MAMA BUTTER認為能用植物力量讓這兩類人群的肌膚散發滋潤光彩就等於找到了“適合所有膚質的呵護保濕護膚品”。


        三、乳木果油含量﹕雖然每種產品中都含有滋潤成分乳木果油,但MAMA BUTTER根據使用部位不同調整含量,以求達極佳效果。



        產品尺寸/重量: 45克

        產品成份: 水,雙丙甘醇,氧化鈦,三甘油酯(辛酸/癸酸),異硬脂酸乙酯,乳木果,二癸酸酯PG,甘油,脫水山梨醇硬脂酸酯,戊二醇,異硬脂酸PEG-20,氫氧化AI,羥丙基澱粉磷酸酯,氧化鋅,硬脂酰谷氨酸二鈉,二十二烷醇,辛烯基琥珀酸澱粉AI,(丙烯酰銨/ VP)共聚物,叔丁醇,硬脂醇聚醚-2,蔗糖椰油酸酯,異硬脂基甘油,生育酚,氫氧化鈣,苯氧乙醇


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        MAMA BUTTER - UV Care Cream SPF25/PA++ 45g 乳木果防曬霜SPF25/PA++ 45克