Rosehip Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Certified Organic from Chile 100% 純正有機冷壓智利玫瑰果油

Rosehip Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Certified Organic from Chile 100% 純正有機冷壓智利玫瑰果油

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Product Detail: A rejuvenating and lightweight oil harvested from the seeds of the wild rose bush, rosehip oil acts as the multivitamin for the skin. Because of its richness in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this oil nourishes the skin with incredible micronutrients to reduce blemishes and continually protect the skin. 

Radha Rosehip Oil is 100% Pure and is especially good for sensitive and dry skin. It is Full of vitamins E and A, this oil helps rejuvenate and brighten your skin. Contains Essential fatty acids (Omega 6, 3 and 9), which will dramatically improves your skin.

Relieving and REMOVING stretch marks, SCARS, sun spots, photo-aging and sunburn --- Dispelling ACNE and whelk SCARS (NB! Not recommended in case of active acne) --- Treating and softening your NAILS, cuticles and heels --- Repairing dry, fragile LIPS --- Improving dry skin conditions like ECZEMA or PSORIASIS.

ORGANIC ROSEHIP SEED OIL (Rosa Canina) from Chile - 100% pure, organic, cold pressed virgin oil - NOTHING HAS BEEN ADDED OR TAKEN AWAY. Their oil is extracted from the seeds of the rose bush and is rich in essential fatty acids. Our product is FREE FROM parabens, fragrances, colorants, alcohol, preservatives and animal ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types, especially good for sensitive and dry skin. Suitable for Face & Skin.

Brand Information: Radha Beauty is committed to protecting Mother Earth and providing their customer with all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products.

Radha Beauty leads the industry in providing the highest-quality essential oils, carrier oils and oil blends on the market. And their Skincare line is a mixture of active ingredients such as Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid, with a natural botanical base of their purest oils.

To the credit of the exceptional quality of their products, they quickly climbed the charts to become the Number One Selling Beauty and Essential Oil Brand on!

  • 100% Pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - No Fillers.
  • BEST RATED ROSEHIP OIL - Organic and cold pressed. Great for fussy, dry, mature, and blemish prone skin.
  • REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN - Skin will be instantly replenished!
  • HIGH QUALITY DROPPER - For your convenience when dispensing!
  • Organic Ingredient from Chile, Bottled in USA.

    Size: 4 fl. oz (120ml)

    How to use: Apply right after a shower while your skin is still moist.

    FACE: Use sparingly after your morning cleansing routine and allow time to fully absorb before applying make up. Can also be used before bed to revitalise your face and enhance skin rejuvenation during rest.

    BODY: Apply liberally to problem areas such as hands, elbows, heels and knees to soften and smooth Great for all skin types. IDEAL for DRY, DAMAGED and WRINKLED skin.

    Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic & Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil


    產品資料: 從野玫瑰叢的種子中收穫的輕盈玫瑰果油 - 此油擁有多種維生素,可使肌膚恢復活力。 由於其豐富的維生素、抗氧化成份及脂肪酸,此玫瑰果油能滋養皮膚,微量營養素可減少瑕疵、持續保護肌膚,令人有難以置信的效果。

    Radha 玫瑰果油100%纯正天然,特別適合敏感和乾燥肌膚。 它有豐富的維生素E和A,這種油有助於恢復和亮澤肌膚。 含有必需的脂肪酸(亞米加 6,3和9),能大大改善你的肌膚。

    舒緩及減少妊娠紋、疤痕、曬斑、老化和曬傷 --- 消除粉刺和青春痘疤痕 (在傷口未康復的青春痘的情況下不建議使用)--- 治療指甲,軟化角質層和腳跟 --- 修復乾燥、脆弱的雙唇 --- 改善肌膚乾燥狀況,如濕疹或牛皮癬

    智利的有機玫瑰果油 - 是100%純正、有機、冷壓的初榨油 - 無添加或過濾。 此油是從玫瑰花籽的種子中提練,含有豐富的必需脂肪酸。 此產品不含對羥基苯甲酸酯,香料,著色劑,酒精,防腐劑和動物成分。


    品牌資料Radha Beauty 致力保護地球,並提供以全天然、有機、環保和無動物測試的產品。

    Radha Beauty在市場上引領行業提供最高品質的香薰油、基礎油及混合油。而Radha Beauty的護膚產品是含有活躍成分,如維生素C精華和透明質酸,混合天然草本精華於最純淨的基油。

    Radha Beauty產品迅速登上美國亞馬遜網站排行榜,有著卓越品質信譽,成為最暢銷的美容及香薰油系列!

    • 美國亞馬遜網站暢銷產品之一!
    • 100%純有機玫瑰果油 - 無過濾。
    • 有機、冷壓是最佳的脂肪油。 非常適合、乾燥、成熟和出現瑕疵的肌膚。
    • 重新滋潤呵護 - 肌膚立即補充所需養分!
    • 無動物測試
    • 附送高品質泵管 - 方便使用!
    • 智利生產的有機成分,於美國瓶裝。

    產品尺寸/重量: 4盎司(120克)


    面部:可於早上清潔後使用;另可在化妝前使用,好讓時間充分地吸收。 亦可在睡前使用,於休息時間可舒緩面部,並增強肌膚回復光澤。

    身體:適用於手、肘、腳跟和膝蓋等肌膚粗糙問題區域,使其肌膚軟化。 最理想用於乾燥、損壞和出現皺紋的肌膚。

    產品成份:100% 純正有機冷壓玫瑰果油