Rose Rejuvenating Facial Toner 玫瑰修復再生保濕爽膚水‎

Rose Rejuvenating Facial Toner 玫瑰修復再生保濕爽膚水‎

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Product Detail: This natural hydrating toners made with flowers giving delicate and refreshing floral scents. Unique polysaccharides from goji berry and ginseng help with circulation; enhances the benefits of moisturising steps: serum, lotion and face oil.

This toner also specially formulated with Witch Hazel – a flowering shrub native to the forest margins and woodlands of North America; evaluated for antioxidant and soothing & rejuvenating properties in skin care. It provides protection from scavenging free radicals and soothes inflamed skin. This toner is perfect for rebalancing your skins natural pH and rehydrating your skin.

 Suitable for all skin types. Especially for dry and mature skin. 

    • No Parabens
    • No Sulphates
    • No Artificial and Synthetic Ingredients
    • 100% Chemical free and natural
    • Made in Australia with Love

    Size: 135ml

    How to use: After cleanser, spray toner to face and wait until fully absorbed before moisturisers; or spray toner to a cotton before applying to face; use day and night or as required.

    Ingredients: Rosa rugosa (rose) flower extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Flower Water (CO), Propanediol (Corn Based Humectant), Glycerin, Panax (Ginseng) Root Extract (CO), Arctium Lappa (Burdock) Root Extract (CO), Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract (CO), Lycium Chinense Fruit (Goji Berry) Extract (CO), Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice) Root Extract (CO); Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Extract.

    CO - Certified Organic


    產品資料: 此玫瑰修復再生保濕爽膚水‎有助改善肌膚健康及令肌膚再生。另注入枸杞、人參的獨特多醣成份能速進循環。

    金縷梅是一種具有消炎性質的天然成份﹐有助緊緻毛孔﹐亦有助清除游離基和舒緩發炎的皮膚。 由玫瑰花提取的精華也有金縷梅的相同功效,再加上迷人的花香令心情放鬆之於也能同時保濕、平衡和修復皮膚。 再配合了中國人傳統的古方藥材枸杞和人蔘,能有效地收緊歲月毛孔又促進了皮膚的血液循環,幫助肌膚再生。此爽膚水‎能完美地重新平衡肌膚的pH值﹐為肌膚注入天然水份。


    • 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯
    • 不含硫酸鹽
      • 不含人工和化學合成成份
      • 100%純天然
      • 澳洲制造

      產品尺寸/重量: 135克



      CO (Certified Organic)-有機認證


      Rose Rejuvenating Facial Toner 玫瑰修復再生保濕爽膚水‎